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Octubre 2017

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V.A. Tea Music 12 CD Collection [1993-2004]

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V.A. Tea Music 12 CD Collection [1993-2004]

Mensaje  pomposos el Mar Oct 03, 2017 10:54 am

Artist: VA
Title: Tea Music: 12 CD Collection
Year Of Release: 1993-2004
Label: Wind Music
Genre: New Age, Meditative, Relax
Quality: FLAC (Image+.cue, log)
Total Time: 10:32:34 min
Total Size: 2,8 Gb

01. Long-jing Tea, in Xihu (the West Lake)
02. Phoenix-daffodil Tea, in Kwangtung
03. Milk Tea, in Mongolia
04. Butter Tea, in Tibet
05. Bi-luo-chun Tea, in Tungting
06. Dong-ding Tea, in Taiwan
07. Spring Tea, in Fukien
08. Gong-fu Black Tea, in the Southern Fukien

Tea Travel
01. Cloud-fog Tea, in Mt. Lu
02. The Buddha`s Tea, in Mt. Puto
03. San-p`ao Tai Tea, in Kansu
04. Mao-chien Tea, in Hsinyang0
05. Wrapped Tea, in Taiwan
06. Uigur Green Tea, in Sinkiang
07. Mao-feng Tea, in Hwang Shan
08. Omei Flower Tea, in Mt. Omei

Tea with Flower Fragrance
01. Pearl-orchid Ta-fang Tea
02. Plum-blossom Ch`imen Red Tea
03. Lotus Chen-mei Tea
04. Taitai Mao-chien Tea
05. Rose Green Tea
06. Osmanthus Lungching Tea
07. Jasmine Yin-hao Tea
08. Magnolia Cloud-fog Tea
09. Gardenia Puto Tea
10. Chrysanthemum Puerh Tea

Oolong Tea
01. Tie-guan-yin
02. Feng-huang-dan-cong
03. Shui-jin-gui
04. Bai-hao-oolong
05. Yong-chun-fo-shou
06. Da-hong-pao (Big Red Robe)
07. Tie-luo-han
08. Bai-ji-guan (White Cockscomb)

Tea & Pot
01. Light as Rosy Clouds - The Chicken Head Pot
02. Starry Sky - The Da-bing Pot
03. Carefree Dreamer - The Sleeping Old Man Pot
04. Verdant Message -The Bamboo Cluster Pot
05. World of Transparence - The Polychrome Enamel Pot
06. Taste of Rurality - The Pumpkin Pot
07. Older Allure - The Gnarled Pot
08. Tiny and Dainty - The Meng-chen Pot

Chinese Tea Ballads
1. Tea Song of the Xiang River
2. Dance Music about Tea Plucking
3. Tea Song of Shu Mountain
4. A Tea Ballad
5. Tea Song of Dongting Lake
6. Tea Plucking Girls
7. A Tea Party beside Xihu Lake
8. A Tea Picker`s Dream

Cha Tao: The Way of Tea
01. Elegance
02. Purity
03. Respect

An Invitation to Tea
01. Have a Cup of Tea
02. Please
03. A Maid`s Mind
04. Love of the Past
05. Innocent Times
06. Remembrances of Home
07. Yonder
08. Over the Water

Drunk in Tea
01. Drunk in Tea
02. The Darker
03. the More Beautiful
04. Please Have Tea
05. Little Sheep
06. This is My Hand
07. Blue Cape
08. Dance the Peacock
09. I am a Piece of Cloud

Tea Drops
01. Moon Falling to West Lake
02. Rain and Tea
03. Listen to the Spring
04. Tea Beauties
05. Temple Dream
06. Green Fragrance
07. Waves of Willows
08. Rain Talking

Taste Zen in Tea
01. Essence of the Green
02. River of Fragrance
03. Intoxicating Colors of Tea
04. Drunken is the Bone, Awaken is the Soul
05. Both are Forgotten
06. Taste Zen in Tea
07. As Free as the Clouds
08. No nothing at all

Poetics of Tea
01. Fragrance of Water
02. Fine Tea Is Like a Beauty
03. Scents of Colors
04. Forgot to speak
05. Flying Rain
06. Icy Flesh and Jade Bones
07. Remembrance of a Dream
08. Yesterdays and Todays



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