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Abril 2018

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VA 50 Greatest Hits Metal and Rock [2011][FS]

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VA 50 Greatest Hits Metal and Rock [2011][FS]

Mensaje  pomposos el Dom Nov 06, 2011 10:32 pm

Metal, Rock
320 kbps
522 MB

Se incluyen los siguientes estilos: Melodic Death Metal, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Gothic Metal, Folk Metal, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal


01. Bloodbound Moria
02. Children Of Bodom Not My Funeral
03. Battlelore Bloodstained
04. Circle of Silence Synthetic Sleep
05. Amon Amarth War of the Gods
06. Red Faceless
07. Dalriada Hajdutanc
08. Hell On Earth as It is in Hell
09. Poisonblack Mercury Falling
10. Imperia Secret Passion
11. Stratovarius Infernal Maze
12. Theatres des Vampires Moonlight Waltz
13. Visions of Atlantis New Dawn
14. Hammerfall One More Time
15. Infinity Overture Angels
16. Cruachan Thy Kingdom Gone
17. Krypteria You Killed Me
18. Serenity Heavenly Mission
19. Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy Slava
20. Deadlock You Left Me Dead
21. Arafel Im Feld
22. Sirenia Winter Land
23. Midnattsol Kong Valemons Kamp
24. Leaves' Eyes Empty Horizon
25. Becoming The Archetype Reflect/Refract
26. Pentagram 01. 01 Treat Me Right
27. Vexillum The Brave and The Craven
28. Attica Rage High
29. Arch Enemy Bloodstained Cross
30. Imperia Fragile
31. Attica Rage Hacked For Vanity
32. Iluminato Hypocrisy
33. U.D.O. I Gave As Good AS I Get
34. ICON & The Black Roses Remember
35. Iluminato Helm of Blindness
36. Lord Of The Lost Seven Days Of Anavrin
37. Mayan Mainstray Of Society In The Eyes Of The Law Corruption
38. Divinefire Masters & Slaves
39. Circle of Silence Never Forget
40. Divinefire Never Surrender
41. Agincourt Queen Of The Night
42. Kultur Shock Revolutionary Song
43. Vexillum Shadow Vexillum Part II
44. Benighted Soul Stranger Me
45. Imperia Suicide
46. Circle of Silence Take Your Life
47. Orestea The Bitter Side Of Promises
48. Raising Fear The Chosen One
49. Tarot Wings Of Darkness
50. Arch Enemy Yesterday Is Dead And Gone


http://www.fileserve.com/file/D26Dyhn/50gre by pomposos.rar


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